Markme is an online social bookmarking site that works with all browsers and requires no add-ons.


A social bookmarking site for keeping your sites online while sharing them with the world and your friends or colleagues.

Markme lets you bookmark things online using a bookmarklet that sits in your bookmarks toolbar.

Markme is a site that allows you to easily create bookmarks that are stored online to your profile. Your friends or colleagues are able to easily follow your links, while interacting with them in many ways.

Conversely, if you are privacy aware, or you are browsing sites on "private browsing mode" or "incognito mode", you can also choose to keep specific links you mark private.

It's a simple and easy way to quickly bookmark sites, for you and your friends to access. A revolutionary new way to share bookmarks without having to post it to someone's "wall" or taking the time to email people (or yourself).

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